Fancy Pants School Photographers

Bringing Magic Back
to School Photos

Bringing Magic Back
to Picture Day

For Administrators

Picture Day without
Lifting a Finger.

Avoid the headache.
Bring in the pros.

It’s this simple: Invite us to your school, get amazing portraits for your families, and receive a donation for your school. You keep your administrative ability to shape the outcome. Be as involved as you’d like to be. 

As school admin, you decide what kinds of photos your families receive.

Be the school that provides the most amazing portraits, capturing the best version of each student. Our skilled photographers specialize in crafting genuine expressions, ensuring each image is an accurate representation of your students’ personalities. Your parents will love you for this!

We believe in the power of collaboration and giving back. 

In addition to exceptional portraits, candid photos, and event coverage, Fancy Pants Photographers contributes a portion of our net profits directly to your school! Choosing us means you are actively supporting your schools initiatives and programs.

We understand the importance of keeping administrators informed every step of the way, from initial planning to final delivery

Whether it’s scheduling sessions, addressing concerns, or providing regular updates, we are committed to keeping you in the loop. Additionally, our efficient workflow and fast turnaround times guarantee timely delivery of the final photos, allowing you to share them with families promptly.

We understand the importance of minimizing interruptions and maximizing efficiency. With a small footprint and streamlined operations, we bend to fit harmoniously within your schedule. 

Our team is adept at working quickly and efficiently, ensuring minimal impact on your school’s daily routine. Whether it’s capturing individual portraits, group photos, or event coverage, we prioritize a smooth experience from start to finish. Trust us to seamlessly blend into your school day, allowing you to focus on what matters most – educating and inspiring your students.

We strictly adhere to comprehensive safety protocols to guarantee the well-being of all participants.

Our team is experienced in working with children (our owner is a former educator) and maintaining a safe atmosphere throughout the entire process. You can have peace of mind knowing that we prioritize child protection and maintain a professional and respectful approach at all times. Trust us to provide a safe and secure photography experience, allowing you to focus on the educational journey while preserving cherished memories for your school community.

While “Picture Day” is certainly our calling card, there is world of possibilities beyond “just picture day” with our range of content creation:

From documenting special events, performances, and sports activities to candid shots that showcase the daily life of students, we provide a holistic visual narrative that tells the unique story of your school. Let us be your creative partner in capturing the essence of your community, delivering a diverse array of content that goes far beyond the typical “picture day” experience.

Easy & Simple

As all Picture Days should be.

For Parents

View Your Photo Gallery

We let personalities lead for authentic photos.

You know that look. The look that only a parent knows. Crafting an environment that is comfortable and fun helps kids feel like themselves and take pictures that are authentically them.

And Who Runs This Thing?

Buddy Hallavant, Pro Photographer & Former Teacher

Me in a nutshell:

Husband, father, photographer, Brooklyn 99, chocolate, basketball, homebody, snow, coffee, pawn shops, movies, thunderstorms, and most definitely classic rock.

My vision for schools and families:

For them to experience a remarkable Picture Day that feels breezy and provides them with honest and authentic photos at an affordable price.

Driving elements:

Movement, laughter, energy, and self-expression.

Style & mood:

 True to life colors, crisp detail, and effortlessly joyful.

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Common Questions Answered

We’re in the 21st century. Ordering with Fancy Pants Photographers feels a lot more like shopping on Amazon as opposed to the legacy method of marking a thick, multi-page envelope. Our process is entirely digital and very simple to use. There are no logistics to handle- You’ll love it.

Absolutely. Photos are viewable via online photo galleries that are easily accessed with unique-to-you codes provided by your photographers.

We are proud to offer a wide range of photo packages and a la carte options. With creativity and affordability for parents in mind, we believe we have something for everyone.

No one fits into a box. Whatever your vision or needs are, we tailor our work to you. Reach out if you have an idea for your family or faculty.

Only a handful at a time! This looks like 2-3 schools max per month. The big corporations can have all the “volume work”. We make something a cut above and that requires attention.

By accepting only a handful of schools at a time, you experience Picture Day in a way that leaves you and your families feeling like human beings (as opposed to numbers).

We believe we are a successful studio because we lean into what makes small business great. That means we want to hear from you! Enjoy direct communication to call, email, request in-person meetings, or even text us with anything and everything. We’re always on so you can connect when it’s convenient.

For admin:

Our only prerequisite to a partnership is that we chat about your school to ensure we are a good fit. So to work with us, simply reach out via phone or email and we’ll get the ball rolling.

For parents:

You’d be surprised what a legion of emails to your principal will do… Ha!

Jokes aside, feel free to reach out so we can discover the best path to integrate Fancy Pants Photographers with your school. 

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How can we help? Give us a call.

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